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My Anomaly

So this guy calls Microsoft to report a bug with their software that is causing a work-stoppage. He has the bug documented and is able to duplicate the error and everything. When he gets on the phone with the technician, he politely walks the phone rep through the issue and the technician follows along.
When he arrives at the bug, he points it out and the technician is also able to duplicate the error and agrees with him. “Yes sir, that sure looks like a bug. Please allow me to talk this over with my supervisor.” The guy, being a reasonable man agrees to stand by as the technician puts him on hold to talk things over with his boss. Five minutes later, the technician addresses the man. “Sir?”
The man of course responds and the technician proceeds to say. “Sir, I am sorry, this is not a bug, it is an anomaly.”

So, I have always struggled with my attention span. Unless there is something that I am personally invested in, I find myself mentally checking out not long after something starts. Before you start…I know the technical term for this, and though my wife would agree with you, I refuse to admit until I am professionally diagnosed that I have ADHD.
This particular…shall we say, character anomaly…makes it very hard to concentrate in meetings and to focus on things that aren’t interesting to me. However, the awesome thing is that I can devote myself completely to something that I truly am really interested in. If I am sitting down with a good videogame, I can play for hours. Games that make this list would include most Final Fantasy games and other RPGS, and recently Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us (if anyone ever wants to talk videogames, feel free to hit me up as I am always up for a good videogame discussion/debate). It is also easy for me to sit down and read…as long as I am enjoying the book and I am invested in the characters. I can also sit down and watch a movie through without breaking a sweat.
Most recently I have found that I can use this…anomaly…to great effectiveness when I sit down to write. Vague outlines suddenly blossom into fully blown scenarios in my head and I find that my fingers can’t move fast enough to keep up with my mind. It seems that there is a constant war.

Fingers: Slow down!
Brain: No! You keep up!
Fingers: We are going as fast as we can!
Brain: Well go faster!
Fingers: We are cramping up, cmon give us a break!
Brain: If you take a break I am going to forget everything that I just came up with and we will have to start again.
(Enter Le Beautiful Wife)
Wife: J.R. you’ve been down here for two hours. It is bed time. You have work early in the morning.
Me: Can’t I have ten more minutes?
Wife: You’ve already said that three times. Come to bed.
Me: Fine…
Fingers: Phew, finally.
Back and Butt: I can’t believe you couldn’t take the time to readjust in the seat at least once since you sat down.
Brain: Fine! Quit now. That’s ok, I’m sure I’ll remember all the stuff you didn’t write down tomorrow morning.

Of course Brain is a big, fat liar and come the next day, all of my great ideas are gone and I have to come up with them again. But, that is the good thing about my…anomaly. The next time I sit down, things start over and the process continues. Creative writing is an outlet for me. It allows me to let pent up ideas out. By the end of a writing session I am usually so exhausted that I can’t even think straight (so of course I try to play my turn in Words With Friends and Scramble against my wife).
Over the years I have spent a lot of time with creative writing. I would always get hip deep in a story (with every intention of finishing it) before a new game would come out, or a big vacation, or big race…you know, the next shiny object. Then I’d go off and chase that and when I returned, the interest had faded from writing. I am not sure what switch flipped that allowed me to finish this first book, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth. Good thing there were no gift giving opportunities. I may find myself in trouble come holiday season 2013…stupid ps4.